By Year

Click on each year to be shown information on all the surveys conducted in that year as well as downloadable pdf versions of the questionnaires. Please remember that, especially in the early years of the study, not every question will have data associated with it in the data files that we retain. However, we do hold microfiche versions of all completed questionnaires between 1946 and 1972 as well as the original completed paper versions.

Most of the questionnaire pdfs have been annotated, with variable names added IN RED next to their corresponding questions. You can obtain more information on specific variables, frequencies and topic guides, using the Skylark system.


At each wave the eligible population to be included were study members who were alive, living in England, Scotland or Wales and who had not permanently withdrawn from the study.

Information was collected from a variety of people as well as the Study Member. The links below will take you directly to the questionnaires asked of that type of respondent.

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