Responding Population

All eligible study members were contacted.

Provided information 3,750
Cumulative total of deaths 290
Cumulative permanent refusals146
Temporarily living abroad 69
Cumulative emigrated 447
Failure to contact 660

Data collection

Data collection was contracted to Social and Community Planning Research whose interviewers requested home visits with all cohort members resident in England, Scotland and Wales. Questionnaires were used to ask about the family in this household and the wider family, and cohort members’ own health, training, employment and skills, earnings, social participation, and social imagery questionnaires. Cohort members were also asked to complete a verbal ability test and the short Maudsley Personality Inventory. Short versions of the questionnaires were sent to those reluctant or unwilling to give enough time for the whole set of questionnaires.

Training for data collection

The study team carried out training sessions lasting three days with all interviewers.The interviewers’ instruction manual is available to view.


All Study Members

  • Marital status and children
  • Household and housing information
  • Heights and weights
  • General health
  • Nervous strain and nervous trouble
  • Religion
  • Siblings
  • Employment training
  • Employment history and earnings (detailed)
  • Parental information
  • Occupational information of parents, father-in-law and spouse
  • Attitudes to social class
  • Social and political activities
  • Social attitudes
  • Electoral behaviour
  • Maudsley Personality Inventory (short form) 



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