The Maternity Survey (1946) was asked of the mothers and the seven full follow-ups were worded towards being asked of the mother. Indeed in 1946, 1948 and 1950 no record was made of who was interviewed; this was not added until 1952. Overall, in 95% of cases the survey was conducted with the mother, either singly or jointly with the father.

  • 1946 Maternity Study (version A and version B)
  • 1948 First follow-up
  • 1950 Second follow-up
  • 1952 Third follow-up
  • 1954 Fourth follow-up
  • 1955 Fifth follow-up
  • 1957 Sixth follow-up
  • 1961 Final questionnaire with mother

In addition to these main questionnaires, mothers were asked twice in 1953 about school absences, accidents and hospital admissions.

Topics asked of the mother

Accidents x x x x x x x
Bedwetting x x x x
Bladder and bowel training x
Childhood diet x
Child's habits x x
Child's hobbies and outside interests x x
Concerns about child's behaviour x x x x
Concerns about child's health x x x
Concerns about child's nervousness x
Concerns about child's progress at school x x x
Development of child x
Domestic help x x x
Education of parents x
Educational aspirations for child x x x
Father's work x x x x x x
Health visitor observation of marital status x x x x x x
Hospital admissions x x x x x x
Household composition x x x x x x
Immunisation x
Infectious diseases / illness x x x x x x
Meeting with child's school x x x x
Mother's work x x x x x x x
Number of rooms x x x x
Nurseries x x
Own or shared bathroom / kitchen x x x
Ownership of consumer goods x x x
Parental Health x
Separation from mother x
Sleep and play x
Sleeping arrangements for study member x x x x x x
Source of hot water x x x
Subsequent pregnancies x x x x x
Type and ownership of house x x x x x x
Views on child's future employment x x


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