Responding Population

The mothers of all eligible study members were contacted. In addition the school doctor completed an assessment and the schools were asked to provide various details. The study members were also given a self-completion questionnaire and some tests.

Provided information 4,274
Cumulative total of deaths 250
Cumulative permanent refusals1
Temporarily living abroad 26
Cumulative Emigrated 295
Failure to contact 516

Data collection

School nurses and health visitors interviewed mothers at home; this was the final interview with the mothers. Teachers completed a postal questionnaire about the study member and administered the cognitive tests. Headteachers completed the postal questionnaire about the school and school doctors carried out the medical examination. Hospitals to which study member children had been admitted were asked to complete a postal questionnaire about health, length of admission, visiting arrangements, diagnosis, treatment and discharge.

Training for data collection

Instructions are given at the head of each form.


Mother's questionnaire

  • Accidents and Illnesses
  • Schooling and employment of child
  • Parental health
  • Parental employment
  • Further pregnancies
  • The home and family

More detailed information on the mother-collected topics collected is available here

Study Member

  • Employment ambitions
  • Social activities
  • Alice Heim (AH4) test
  • Watts-Vernon reading test
  • Mathematics test
  • Occupation preferences


  • Class details
  • Punctuality and truancy
  • attitude to school work
  • School leaving plans
  • Behaviour
  • Habits

More detailed information on the teacher-collected topics collected is available here

School Doctor

  • Medical history
  • Examination

More detailed information on the doctor-collected topics collected is available here


  • School details
  • Buildings and Amenities
  • Pupil backgrounds



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