There are two types of questionnaires answered by a teacher or the head teacher: the first set are questions answered about the study member by the teacher who knew them best; the second set were asked of the head teacher and refer to general information about the school itself.  These were completed by the school and also based on interviews with the mother by the school nurse or health visitor.
Records of school absences were completed by the school and cover the periods 1952/53 to 1955/56. In addition, records of illnesses and absences were also collected from the study member's mother in 1953. 

The teachers completed questionnaires on the study member at least four times; for those who continued at school on reaching the age of 16 questionnaires continued to be sent to their school / college:

After 1961 the questionnaires were split depending on what the study member was doing. For those who were still at school or college a similar set of questionnaires were completed, while those who were in employment (or seeking employment) had their own questionnaires. Where possible, comparable questions were included in both versions.

Topics asked of teachers

Type of school x x          
Type of class x x x x      
Learning to read x            
Extra tuition   x          
School achievements   x x        
Attitude to school work     x x      
Behaviour   x x x      
Habits    x x x      
School absences     x x      
Punctuality / truancy     x x      
Parental interest in schoolingx x x x x    
Home environment   x     x    
Preparation for leaving school      x      
Examinations taken         x x x
Personal characteristics         x    
Positions of responsibility         x x x

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