Responding Population

All eligible study members were contacted: 4,480 study members were examined by their school’s doctor.

Provided information 4,480
Cumulative total of deaths 232
Cumulative permanent refusals1
Temporarily living abroad 42
Cumulative emigrated 249
Failure to contact 358

Data collection

School doctors undertook the medical examination, and health visitors and school nurses completed records of school absences, accidents  and the form about the school and the preschool preparation of the study child for school.

Training for data collection

Instructions are given at the head of each form.


School Doctor

  • Medical history
  • Examination

More detailed information on the topics collected is available here

School Absences

  • Times away from school
  • Accidents
  • Maternal reports of hospital admissions
  • Bed wetting (A3 only)


  • Type of school and class
  • Age at first reading instruction
  • Parental interest in school progress


  • Form D2   - Examination by Doctor 

  • Form S1a – School questionnaire

  • Form A2   – School absence and holiday sickness records (Jan 1953 – April 1953)  - interview with mother

  • Form A3   – School absence and holiday sickness records (April 1953 – Sep 1953)  - interview with mother

  • Form S2   – School absence record (1953 – 1954) 

  • 1948 Follow Up - Mother's Follow Up Questionnaire

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