The school doctors examined the study members and collected information at four time points between the ages of six and 15. These surveys consisted of two parts: a medical history and and examination. In the medical history the school doctor asked the mother (or attending adult).

A searchable word document of all the school doctor question texts can be downloaded here

Topics asked in school doctor surveys

Medical History
Colds, sore throats x x
Tonsils x x
Asthma x x x x
Coughs x x
Teeth x x x x
Heart x x x x
Abdomen x x x x
Bedwetting x x
Menstruation x x
Hearing and ears x x x x
Eyesight x
Fits and Convulsions x x x x
Immunisation x
General health x x x
Behaviour x x
Appearance x
Nails and fingers x x x x
Physical measurementsx x x x
Nasal Passages x x
Throat and Tonsils x x x x
Teeth x x
Breast development x x
Lungs x x x x
Heart x x x x
Abdomen x x x x
Glands x x x
Orthopedic problems x x x x
Co-ordination x
Speech problems x x x x
Ears x x x x
Eyes x x x x
Laterality x x x
Alertness x x x x
Physical development x x x x
Parents' measurementsx
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