Questionnaires completed by the school doctor

The school doctors examined the study members and collected information at four time points between the ages of six and 15. These surveys consisted of two parts: a medical history and and examination. In the medical history the school doctor asked the mother (or attending adult).

A searchable word document of all the school doctor question texts can be downloaded here

Topics asked in school doctor surveys

Medical History
Colds, sore throats x x
Tonsils x x
Asthma x x x x
Coughs x x
Teeth x x x x
Heart x x x x
Abdomen x x x x
Bedwetting x x
Menstruation x x
Hearing and ears x x x x
Eyesight x
Fits and Convulsions x x x x
Immunisation x
General health x x x
Behaviour x x
Appearance x
Nails and fingers x x x x
Physical measurementsx x x x
Nasal Passages x x
Throat and Tonsils x x x x
Teeth x x
Breast development x x
Lungs x x x x
Heart x x x x
Abdomen x x x x
Glands x x x
Orthopedic problems x x x x
Co-ordination x
Speech problems x x x x
Ears x x x x
Eyes x x x x
Laterality x x x
Alertness x x x x
Physical development x x x x
Parents' measurementsx