Responding Population

All eligible study members were contacted.

Provided information 4,603
Cumulative total of deaths 232
Cumulative permanent refusals1
Temporarily living abroad 39
Cumulative emigrated 232
Failure to contact 255

Data collection

School nurses and health visitors interviewed mothers at home and school doctors undertook a medical examination of the child. 

Maternal reports of hospital admissions were checked with hospital records

Training for data collection

Instructions are given at the head of each form.



  • Accidents
  • Infectious diseases
  • Hospital admissions
  • Other conditions
  • Bladder and Bowel training
  • Habits
  • Sleep and play
  • The dwelling
  • The household
  • The mother’s work
  • Subsequent pregnancies
  • Separation from mother
  • Education of father and mother
  • Occupation of present husband
  • School nurses comments

School Doctor

  • Medical History
  • Examination

More detailed information on the doctor-collected topics collected is available here


  • Form AN3  - Face to face interview of mother by health visitor
  • Form D1   - Examination by school doctor 
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