Responding Population

All eligible UK study members were contacted: 2647 study members gave information, of which 2,370 study members completed a postal questionnaire and 2,149 study members completed a home visit.

Provided information 2,648
Cumulative total of deaths 957
Cumulative permanent refusals  (withdrawn from the study) 620
Currently not resident in England, Scotland or Wales (83 completed the postal questionnaire)574
Failure to contact (unable to contact for 10 years) 395

Data collection

The postal questionnaire was sent out when study members were aged 68; up to two reminder letters were sent to those who did not return a completed questionnaire.

The home visit was conducted over the next 18 months by research nurses recruited and employed by the fieldwork partners Kantar Public and Medicals Direct Group. An electronic questionnaire was administered by nurses using laptop computers to ask about health, disability, medication, smoking and exercise habits. Nurses took measurements of body size, blood pressure, grip strength and respiration, also administering tests of balance and walking speed. They then took blood samples which were spun within the study member's home.

During the course of the home visit, the study member was asked to complete a paper questionnaire, the short (28 item) General Health Questionnaire. Nurses also administered the Addenbrooke’s Cognitive examination (ACE-III), visual search task and finger tapping test. At the end of the home visit study members were asked if they would like to wear an activity monitor for the following seven days. Nurses left a short activity questionnaire with the study members who had consented to wear the monitor and this was to be completed and returned by post along with the monitor at the end of the seven day period.

Training for data collection

The study team and specialist colleagues trained the nurses over consecutive two days. The nurses’ instruction manual is available to view.


All Study Members

  • Household and housing information
  • Marital status (and information on spouse employment)
  • Information on children and grandchildren
  • Hospital admissions
  • Parental information
  • Heart trouble
  • General health 
  • Chest and cough trouble (MRC questionnaire on respiratory symptoms)
  • Smoking
  • Alcohol consumption
  • Activities of daily living
  • Physical capability
  • Exercise
  • Eating and sleeping habits
  • Life events
  • Work and retirement
  • Physical examination
  • Cognitive tests
  • General Health Questionnaire (short form)
  • Quality of life and social participation
  • Addenbrooke's Cognitive Examination (ACE-III)



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