The MRC's overarching aims for data sharing are to maximise the life-time value of research data assets and to do so responsibly in a way consistent with the law, regulation and recognised good practice.

The LHA is responsible for the governance of the NSHD and has a Data Sharing Committee which manages the review of applications for access to NSHD data in a way that adheres to the MRC's aims for data sharing.

The LHA actively encourages the sharing of NSHD data with bona fide 1) scientists for high quality research projects, to ensure that the scientific potential of the NSHD is maximised.

Data sharing must be within the bounds of consent given previously by study members and meet rigorous MRC data security standards. A data sharing agreement must be in place, prior to the sharing of any data, between the applicant's institution and the LHA, and the applicant's institution must fully subscribe to the terms and conditions of the agreement. Additionally, each researcher who will have access to the data must sign a confidentiality form which stipulates their individiual responsibilities under the agreement and indicates their acceptance of these terms.

Copies of the Data Access Request Form, a Confidentiality Form, and a template of Data Sharing Agreement are available on this website.

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