In order to access NSHD data, you need to make sure the following are completed:

  1. Data Security Awareness Training (Existing users need to have completed the training in the last 12 months)
  2. Confidentiality Form (Only needed on first application to the NSHD)
  3. Data Sharing Agreement (Only applicable for institutions with no prior data sharing with the NSHD. You will be contacted to provide it once your data access request application has been approved)

Please note you will be advised what to provide at each stage of the process via our automated email sequence once you submit your Data Access Request.

To see the entire process from start to finish, check out our Data Access Request Process Map.

New Users

In order to access NSHD data, Data Security Awareness Training must be completed and the accompanying assessment passed. This is to ensure that recipients understand the principles of secure data management and are aware of current legislation in this area. To access the course:

If not already registered, users will need to register for an e-LfH learning account with their academic email address.

Please note that non-UK applicants may need to pay a fee to access the training module. This should be accounted for if your data request is part of a grant application.

Once the assessment has been passed, please keep a copy of your completion certificate as you will be asked to provide it at a certain stage of our data access request process.

 Example completed assessment form

Existing Users

All researchers wishing to access data are required to renew their Data Security Awareness Training every 12 months and upload their certificate of completion.

Once data access request is approved, all applicants will be asked to provide their signed confidentiality form (only needed on first application to the NSHD). Confidentiality forms from all applicants must be returned to us before the application can progress to the next stage. You can familiarise yourself with the content of the form by downloading it below.

We will email the principal applicant to advise when the signed confidentiality form should be provided.

All institutions wishing to access NSHD data must enter into a Data Sharing Agreement with UCL before access to data can be provided.
This agreement must be signed by an appropriate authority within your institution and returned to the LHA.

A new version of the data sharing agreement has been drawn up as of October 2022 and its text can be found in the link below. This agreement is non-negotiable. Please note that for all new projects this form of the agreement will have to be signed and will supersede all previous versions.

To obtain a copy of this form, please download the following:
Data Sharing Agreement

Remember that a Data Sharing Agreement must be in place between your research institution and the LHA and you must sign and return a Confidentiality Form before any data extracts can be provided to you.

To see where this form fits in the overall NSHD Data Access Request Process see here

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