Flow Diagram for the Data Access Request Process

st=>start: Start of Data Sharing Process
ed=>end: End of Data Sharing Process|current
rteam=>operation: Research Team Consider Request
discovdat=>operation: Data Discovery by Research Team
review=>operation: LHA Review Data Access Request
con1=>condition: Access Request Approved?
con2=>condition: New Derived Variables Generated?
signagreement=>operation: Research Team Sign/Return Data Sharing Agreement
signinduction=>operation: Research Team Complete Data Security Induction
signconfident=>operation: Research Team Sign/Return Confidentiality Forms
adjustvars=>operation: NSHD Data Management create final basket of variables
anonymise=>operation: Anonymise NSHD Data
analyse=>operation: Research Team Analyse Data & Publish Results
derived=>operation: Research Team Return Derived Variables Plus Code/Documentation to LHA
ingest=>operation: LHA Ingest Derived Data
form=>inputoutput: NSHD Data Access Request Form|past
basket=>inputoutput: Requested Basket of NSHD Variables|past
inforeq=>inputoutput: Further Information Requested|past
anondataset=>inputoutput: Anonymised Dataset|past
approvedvars=>inputoutput: Finalised Variable List|past
developplan=>subroutine: Research Team develop Research Plan
repository=>subroutine: NSHD Data Repository |rejected