Please go through the frequently asked questions and answers below to see if your NSHD query has been answered already.

Applying for NSHD data

1. How to apply for NSHD data?

To read about our data sharing process and what to expect, please review the NSHD Data Access Requests section on our Skylark website.

To access NSHD data you need to make an online data access request by completing this Data Access Request Application Form.

2. How long does it take to receive NSHD data?

Typically, you can receive data within a month. To get a better understanding of each step in the process, please review our Data Access Request Process Map.

3. What documents will I need to provide in support of my data access request application.

The list of documents is listed on our website

Please be advised you should not be providing these documents with your application as we will request them from you at the right time in the process via our automated email sequence. All you need to do is to submit your data access request first.

4. I want my students to carry out NSHD data analysis for my project. Do I need to list them in my data access request application form as co-applicants?

Yes, everyone using NSHD data must be named and provide completed and signed confidentiality form and a valid data security awareness training certificate (we will advise you at what point these need to be provided). If at the point of submitting your data access request you have not decided yet about the names of students for your project, this should not stop you from applying as additional users can be added/requested at any point (even once your project data has been given to you-see question below).

Amendments to an approved NSHD data access request application (approved project)

5. How to add an additional user to my approved project?

To request access for an additional user to your project, please complete Additional Users/Data Request form.

6. How to request additional NSHD data (new basket) for my approved project?

To request additional basket for your approved project, please submit Additional Users/Data Request form.

7. I didn’t add basket ID to my data access request application which has now been approved. How can I provide it to you so you know what data I want to receive?

To let us know what data you need for your approved project (data access request), please provide your basket ID by submitting Additional Users/Data Request form.

Data Access Request - Post Approval

8. How to request outputs (e.g. tables, figures) from DSH?

To request a DSH output, please complete DSH Output Request form.

9. My NSHD project (approved data access request application) is due to expire. How do I request for extension of my project?

To request for project extension, please complete Project Extension Request form and email it to mrclha.swiftinfo@ucl.ac.uk

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