In order to access NSHD data, you need to make sure the following are completed:

  1. Data Security Training (Existing users need to have completed the training in the last 12 months)
  2. Confidentiality Form (Only needed on first application to the NSHD)
  3. Data Sharing Agreement (Only applicable for institutions with no prior data sharing with the NSHD)

Once these have been completed, please upload your documents to: Supporting document form

New Users

In order to access NSHD data, security training must be completed and the accompanying assessment passed. This is to ensure that recipients understand the principles of secure data management and are aware of current legislation in this area. To access the course:

If not already registered, users will need to register for an e-LfH learning account with their academic email address.

Please note that non-UK applicants may need to pay a fee to access the training module. This should be accounted for if your data request is part of a grant application.

Once the assessment has been passed, please upload a scanned copy of the completion certificate or a screen shot of your activity log or assessment score (see example below) to confirm this.

If you have already completed the Data Security Awareness training module (or an equivalent) in the past 12 months, please upload the certificate of completion.

 Example completed assessment form

Existing Users

All researchers wishing to access data are required to undertake annual training in Information Governance.

The following text is from the PDF version of the form. Please download and complete the form:

Once completed, please upload the forms to https://forms.office.com/r/ff3MUyPfy3 so it can be proccessed.

Remember that a Data Sharing Agreement must be in place between your research institution and the LHA and you must sign and return a Confidentiality Form before any data extracts can be provided to you.

The MRC Unit for Lifelong Health and Ageing at UCL (LHA) runs the MRC National Survey of Health and Development (NSHD) which comprises personal information pertaining to study members provided under strict confidence to the research team. The details being made available to you either in data form or as digital copies from the original forms must be treated in strict confidence. If you are a researcher external to UCL, a legal agreement has been signed with UCL regarding your access to the data. This form lists the main conditions that ensure that the risks to the confidentiality of NSHD study members can be maintained at acceptable levels. You must sign this form before you will be allowed access to NSHD data. In signing this form, you agree to abide by all conditions of access set out below and elsewhere.

  1. The LHA must approve data access for all individuals. You may not allow data files or descriptions of the data to be accessible by anyone not mentioned in the legal agreement.
  2. Any articles or other output produced by you must not enable the identify of individuals to be ascertained and must not contain tables where the risk of re- identification is unacceptable, e.g. tables with individual cell counts less than ten.
  3. All NSHD data files must be stored on secure file systems maintained by your organisation. This specifically prohibits the storage of NSHD data on portable digital storage devices such as laptops, memory sticks, or other portable media. Any loss or threat to the disclosure of NSHD data must be reported to the LHA Director or LHA Head of Data Services within 24 hours.
  4. The original respondent identifiers are excluded from all data sets supplied to you. However, where it is necessary to obtain details from forms or other data for individual members, we can provide the identifiers for specific records to allow information to be retrieved and linked. Original respondent identifiers can only be kept on our premises and must remain in complete confidence.

The LHA must be informed of papers in press and sent a full reference when the paper is published. This information should be sent to MRCLHA.Swiftinfo@ucl.ac.uk. Publications using NSHD data are expected to be open access and NSHD DOIs should be referenced in all publications. See http://nshd.mrc.ac.uk/data/nshd-digital-object- identifiers/ for information on how to cite NSHD DOIs.

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