Responding Population

All eligible study members were contacted: 3,262 study members gave information.

Response rate

Provided information 3,262
Cumulative total of deaths 365
Cumulative permanent refusals 540
Currently not resident in England, Scotland or Wales607
Failure to contact 588

Information about emigration was not collection from this time forward.

Data collection

Data collection was carried out at home visits to cohort members by research nurses recruited by the study team.  Questionnaires were used to ask about family and home circumstances, health, employment, earnings, and social participation, experience of disturbing life events, hearing, smoking and exercise habits, and diet.
Nurses used the Psychiatric Symptom Frequency inventory to ask about mental health. Nurses made a number of body measurements, measured pulse rate, blood pressure, and respiratory function. In the course of the visit, cohort members were asked to self-complete questionnaires about disability, work characteristics, and recall of relationships with parents (the Parental Bonding questionnaire). Nurses administered a visual search test, a verbal memory test, and the CAGE questions on alcohol habits.

Nurses completed diet diary entries for the two previous days by asking the cohort member to recall all the details, in order to demonstrate the kind of detail required, and to bring away from the home visit diet diary data. The nurse left a copy of those completed diary entries with the cohort member, and asked them to complete the diary for the rest of the day of the interview and four subsequent days, before returning it by post.

Training for data collection

The study team and specialist colleagues trained the nurses over the consecutive days. The nurses’ instruction manual is available to view.


All Study Members

  • Household and housing information
  • Marital status (and information on spouse employment)
  • Information on children including type of school
  • Hospital admissions
  • Parental information
  • General health problems
  • Chest and cough trouble (MRC questionnaire on respiratory symptoms)
  • Rose angina
  • Women only - contraception, menopause and HRT
  • Employment history and earnings
  • Attitudes to employment
  • Finance and financial hardship
  • Education and literacy
  • Social networks
  • Life events
  • Smoking
  • Psychiatric Symptom Frequency inventory
  • Exercise
  • Blood pressure
  • Respiratory function
  • Diet
  • OPCS disability questions
  • Diet Diary



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