Responding Population

All eligible UK study members were contacted: 1,918 study members gave information, of which 1,620 study members completed a postal questionnaire and 298 online questionnaire.

Provided information 1,918
Cumulative total of deaths 1,401
Cumulative permanent refusals  (withdrawn from the study) 620
Currently not resident in England, Scotland or Wales (58 completed the postal questionnaire)113
Failure to contact (unable to contact for 10 years) 857


All Study Members

  • Household and housing information
  • Marital status (and information on spouse employment)
  • Heart trouble
  • General health 
  • Chest and cough trouble (MRC questionnaire on respiratory symptoms)
  • Smoking
  • Alcohol consumption
  • Activities of daily living
  • Physical capability
  • Exercise
  • Eating and sleeping habits
  • Life events
  • Work and retirement
  • Quality of life and social participation



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