Responding Population

All eligible study members were contacted.

Provided information tbc
Cumulative total of deaths tbc
Cumulative permanent refusalstbc
Temporarily living abroad tbc
Cumulative Emigrated tbc
Failure to contact tbc

Data collection

Postal questionnaires were sent to school or college attended to ask administrators about courses taken by cohort members. 

For cohort members who were no longer in education, postal questionnaires were sent to Youth Employment Service officers to complete from records or other sources about vocational guidance given and training and other courses attended. 

Members of the control study population were sent postal questionnaires about employment and courses attended.

The control sample comprised a third of single births excluded by the initial sampling procedure, and all with fathers in manual employment (N=approx 2000).

Training for data collection

Instructions are given at the head of each form.



  • Examination details
  • Positions of responsibility in school
  • Absences

Further and Technical Education Survey

  • Student course record
  • Contact between college and employer
  • College information

Youth Employment Office

  • Job history
  • Part-time education record
  • Vocational Guidance record


  • Form S11a - Schools
  • Form Y2     - Further and Technical Education Survey - College Questionnaire
  • Form Y3b   - Youth Employment Office (school leavers)
  • Form Y3c   - Youth Employment Office (control group)


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