Responding Population

All eligible study members were contacted.

Response rate

Responded tbc
Cumulative total of deaths tbc
Cumulative permanent refusalstbc
Temporarily living abroad tbc
Cumulative Emigrated tbc
Failure to contact tbc

Data collection

Cohort members who were still at school completed the postal questionnaire about intentions for further education and work, and on leisure interests and health, and the short version of the Maudsley Personality Inventory 1)

Teachers completed the postal questionnaire about the school for those who had not yet left, and the cohort member’s examinations, absences, and temperament. 

Local Education Authorities were asked in a postal questionnaire about whether the cohort member was still at school. 

Cohort members who had become students in further or higher education, for example in post-school colleges or universities, were asked to complete a postal questionnaire about the university or college, preparation for work, holidays and leisure interests and health, and the short Maudsley Personality Inventory. 

Administrative authorities at colleges were asked to complete a postal questionnaire about examinations taken by the cohort member, and about health and temperament. 

Cohort members who were no longer continuing in formal education were asked if they would consent to be interviewed by the local Youth Employment Officer about work, training and health; they were also asked at that interview to complete questions about work.

Training for data collection

Instructions are given at the head of each form.



  • Whereabouts and activity of study member
  • Examination details


  • Examination details
  • Personal characteristics of study member
  • Positions of responsibility in school
  • Communication with home
  • Absences
  • General school information

Study Member

  • Examinations
  • Knowledge of Universities
  • Future aspirations
  • Attitude to school work
  • Employment
  • Leisure activities
  • Medical appointments and accidents
  • Maudsley Personality Inventory (short form)

Youth Employment Office (interview with study member)

  • Commute to work
  • Sibling employment
  • Attitudes to leaving school
  • Job history
  • Choosing first job
  • Present job and training
  • Unemployment
  • Technical and Further Education
  • Medical appointments and accidents

Youth Employment Office (self completion by YEO)

  • Details of study member's in house training
  • YEO information

Study member (YEO) Self completion

  • Attitudes to current job
  • Earning
  • Important aspects of employment
  • Leisure activities
  • Sleep trouble
  • Maudsley Personality Inventory (short form)



Eysenck H.J. 1958 Journal of Applied Psychology 42, 14-17
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