Information on infant developmental milestones was obtained from mothers when survey members were aged two years. Some of these provide markers of neurodevelopment, i.e. gross motor skills (age of first sitting, standing and walking unaided) and early language (age at articulating words other than names for parents - “mum”, “dad”, “nan”). Other developmental milestones obtained at this age were age at weaning from breast or bottle, and age at first teething. Later milestones such as the age the study member began learning to read were recorded in 1953.

Attendance at nursery was recorded in 1948 and 1950.

When study members were aged six years, mothers were asked about bladder and bowel training. Repeat questions were used on bedwetting in 1950 (4yrs), 1952 (6 yrs), 1954 (6 yrs) and 1955. Trajectories of childhood enuresis were derived and these were used in a number of publications1)

Full details on puberty can be found here

Obtaining the standard developmental milestones variables

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HTML version of the standard variables to view

For example see Croudace et al., 2003 American Journal of Epidemiology 157;9, 834-842
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