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-[[:home|{{:MRC-LHA-header-graphic.png}}]]+==== Exporting Baskets ==== 
 +<WRAP important> 
 +To let us know of your basket name, please complete the Additional Users/ Skylark Data Request Form 
 +  * [[| Additional Users/ Data Request Form]]   
-==== Exporting Baskets ==== 
 Once you have finished building and editing your basket and want to export it, click on ‘download basket’ from the baskets menu. Once you have finished building and editing your basket and want to export it, click on ‘download basket’ from the baskets menu.
-\\  +{{:skylark:download_basket_1000.jpg|download a basket in XML format}}
-{{download_basket.jpg?400|download a basket in XML format}} +
-\\ +
-You will see a list of your baskets, so select ‘yes’ to export the correct basket in XML format. This will generate an .xml file of your variable basket, which you should keep for your records. \\ +
-\\  +You will see a list of your basketsmake a note of the basket ID and include this in the [[| Additional Users/ Data Request Form]]  \\ 
- If you have **not yet submitted** your data access applicationplease include the XML file along with your application paperwork, for consideration by the relevant NSHD committee+
- If you already have an **approved** NSHD data application linked to your basket, the [[nshd:dsagreement|data sharing]] and [[nshd:confform|confidentiality]] paperwork has been completed, and you have successfully undertaken and sent proof of the required [[nshd:rdatatrain|Information Governance training]], you should [[|send]] the XML file to the LHA to notify us of your requested dataset. 
-LHA staff will review your basket contents and may make recommendations or changes to your basket based on your research proposal and the suitability of the variables you have chosen.  
 \\  \\ 
-  + If you have **not yet submitted** your data access application//please include the basket name in your [[|form]], for consideration by the relevant NSHD committee
- Following approval of your basket, the dataset will be prepared and sent to you via the UCL dropbox facility as an encrypted, zipped file. You will need {{|7zip}} to extract the file. \\  +
-  7zip is a free, open source program to extract compressed files. It is widely-used and compatible with most modern computers, however you download it at your own risk and LHA accepts no responsibility for any IT issues caused by this software.  +
-You must supply us with an alternative email address, or your mobile number, to which the decryption password will be sent separately for security purposes. +
- +
-\\  +
-We aim to supply datasets within 10 working days of final application approval and basket notification. Full details of how to open and access the dataset {{dataset_access.pdf|can be found here}}.     +
-\\  +
- +
-**N.B.** LHA staff reserve the right to edit the contents of any basket prior to approval and delivery. If you are unhappy with any changes made to your basket, please contact us on <> in the first instance. +
-\\  +
- +
-[[nshd:submission|flow diagram]] of the full data sharing process may help to streamline your application. +
 + If you already have an **approved** NSHD data application, please check you have completed the items in the [[nshd:checklist| check list]]. 
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