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 [[:wiki:Home|{{wiki:MRC-LHA-header-graphic.png}}]] [[:wiki:Home|{{wiki:MRC-LHA-header-graphic.png}}]]
 +==== Data Access Request Process Map =====
-===== Submission Process and the Data Sharing Committee ===== 
-<flowchartjs default> 
-st=>start: Start of Data Sharing Process 
-ed=>end: End of Data Sharing Process 
-rteam=>operation: Research Team 
-discovdat=>operation: Data Discovery by Research Team 
-review=>operation: LHA Data Sharing Committee 
-Review Data Access Request 
-con1=>condition: Access Request  
-signagreement=>operation: Research Team Sign/Return 
-Data Sharing Agreement 
-signconfident=>operation: Research Team Sign/Return 
-Confidentiality Forms 
-adjustvars=>operation: NSHD Co-ordinators/Data Librarian 
-make recommendations and  
-approve basket of variables 
-anonymise=>operation: Anonymise NSHD Data 
-form=>inputoutput: NSHD Data Access Request Form 
-basket=>inputoutput: Basket of NSHD Variables 
-inforeq=>inputoutput: Further Information Request 
-anondataset=>inputoutput: Anonymised Dataset 
-approvedvars=>inputoutput: Approved Variable List 
-developplan=>subroutine: Research Team develop Research Plan 
-repository=>subroutine: NSHD Data Repository 
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