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After searching for the variables you are interested in, the results screen gives several options to start building a basket.


  • Single variable add – click on the Σ symbol for the variable you wish to add to the basket
  • Multiple variable add – use the tick boxes to select several variables then click ‘multiple add’ to put them all into your basket
  • All variables add – use the ‘check all’ and ‘multiple add’ buttons to highlight and add all variables listed

On adding variables, you will see a confirmation message for each variable. If one of your chosen variables cannot be added, a different message will appear.

After adding variables you can perform further searches to find more variables to add to the basket, or you can save the basket once complete.

The main Basket menu list options are as follows: basket_menu.jpg

Save basket – this saves your current basket. When saving a basket, you will be asked to name it: please pick a memorable, descriptive name as you may end up creating several baskets! N.B. your basket will be lost if you do not save it prior to logging off or closing your browser window

View current basket – shows the variables in your currently active basket. If you wish to remove variables, you can delete them individually (click on the ✂ symbol) or delete them all by following the link at the bottom of the page. If you have previously saved your basket, deleting the variables will not delete the whole basket. So, if you wanted to start a new basket you could ‘remove all’ then search and create a new basket from scratch. However you must save the basket first to retain it prior to removing all the variables.

Load/share my basket – click here to load a previously-saved basket for editing or updating. You can also share your basket for other researchers to see the contents

Load a shared basket – this allows you to load the variables that another user has added into a shared basket

Overwrite basket – overwrite an existing basket with your current one

Download basket – download an XML version of your basket’s variables to submit for processing once your application has been accepted

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