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 [[:​wiki:​Home|{{wiki:​MRC-LHA-header-graphic.png}}]] [[:​wiki:​Home|{{wiki:​MRC-LHA-header-graphic.png}}]]
-===== NSHD Data Sharing Agreement =====+~~NOTOC~~ 
 +==== Data Sharing Agreement ==== 
 +All institutions wishing to access NSHD data must enter into a Data Sharing Agreement with UCL before access to data can be provided. ​ \\ 
 +This agreement must be signed by an appropriate authority within your institution and returned to the LHA. 
 +A new version of the data sharing agreement has been drawn up as of June 2020 and its text can be found in the link below. ​ //**This agreement is non-negotiable**//​. ​ Please note that for **all new projects this form of the agreement will have to be signed** and will supersede all previous versions. 
 +<WRAP download>​ 
 +To obtain a copy of this form, please download the following: \\  
 +{{nshd:​LHA_Data_Sharing_Agreement_May_2020.DOCX|Data Sharing Agreement}}  
 +To see where this form fits in the overall NSHD Data Sharing process see [[nshd:​submission | here]]