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The diet diaries collected in 1982, 1989, 1999 and 2006-10 gathered specific information on the quantities of alcohol consumed.

In addition to the diet diaries, in 1989, 1999, 2006-10 and 2014-16, the number of measures of alcohol drunk in the last seven days were self-reported in terms of spirits, wine and beers.

NSHD alcohol consumption variables since 1989

The CAGE questionnaire was also asked in the first three of these sweeps1), with the Alcohol Use Disorders Identification Test2), a ten-question screening tool to pick up the early signs of hazardous and harmful drinking and identify mild dependence, being used in the most recent collection.

The Present State Examination asked in 1982 also contains a question about drinking.

see Ewing JA; Detecting alcoholism. The CAGE questionnaire. JAMA. 1984 Oct 12;252(14):1905-7