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There is no variable label on the annotated questionnaire. What does this mean?

Within the NSHD meta-data repository, annotated questionnaires are available. For the majority of the questions, a variable name is located next to the question indicating that these questions have been coded. These variables will have been coded either directly from the questionnaire or to a coding frame if open-ended responses were recorded. However some questions don't have a variable name. One reason is that the question is open-ended and has not been coded. The other exception occurs in the early questionnaires, when a number of questions were incorporated together to produce a single derived variable. As these were never coded separately, no variable label has ever been produced. For example, the breastfeeding questions on the Maternity Surveys have no variable labels but have been used with a couple of other questions to produce derived variables about breastfeeding [BRE] and weaning [WEA]. Looking at the topic summaries of the data collected will give you a good idea of the variables available for analysis.

I have made my final selection of variables. What do I need to consider before submitting the request?

When building a data basket using the topic guides or a personalised basket from Skylark it is recommended that users spend time ensuring their basket contains

  • a) the most appropriate variables, and
  • b) a complete set of the variables required for the current stage of their research project

When identifying and selecting variables suitable for your research, please use the metadata repository, topic guides and skylark instructions and variable information within carefully - they contain all the information you need to finalise your basket. Researchers are responsible for ensuring the completeness and suitability of their basket.

Once a basket has been built and you have emailed us the details, the list of variables will form part of your data sharing application. by the NSHD co-ordinator assigned to your project. Some revisions may be made to the basket at this stage; additional variables may be recommended and unsuitable variables pointed out. Once the basket has been finalised the basket will be converted into a 'scrambled' data set, encrypted and password protected and sent to you via a secure method.

If you realise, once you have received your dataset, that you require additional variables, the above process will need to be repeated. Requesting additional variables is a time consuming process, for you and for us, and may delay your project.

Prior to submitting your request, please think carefully about which variables you require and ask for help or recommendations, if needed.

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