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  # First define the nodes
  st=>start: Start of Data Sharing Process
  ed=>end: End of Data Sharing Process
  op1=>operation: Research Team
  op2=>operation: Data Discovery by Research Team
  op3=>operation: LHA Data Sharing Committee Review Data Access Request
  op4=>operation: Research Team Sign Data Sharing Agreement
  op5=>operation: Research Team Sign Confidentiality Forms
  op6=>operation: NSHD Co-ordinators/Data Librarian make recommendations and approve basket of variables
  op7=>operation: Anonymise NSHD Data
  io1=>inputoutput: NSHD Data Access Request Form
  io2=>inputoutput: Basket of NSHD Variables
  io3=>inputoutput: Further Information Request
  io4=>inputoutput: Anonymised Dataset
  sub1=>subroutine: Research Team develop Research Plan
  sub2=>subroutine: NSHD Data Repository
  con1=>condition: Access Request Approved
  # Now the Connections between the nodes
  con1(REQUEST NO APPOVED, right)->io3->op1
  con1(REQUEST APPROVED,bottom)->op4->op5->op6->op7(top)