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 ed=>end: End of Data Sharing Process|current ed=>end: End of Data Sharing Process|current
 rteam=>​operation:​ Research Team Consider Request rteam=>​operation:​ Research Team Consider Request
-discovdat=>​operation:​ Data Discovery by Research Team:>​http://​kiwidev.mrceuston.local/howto/​doku.php?​id=introduction+discovdat=>​operation:​ Data Discovery by Research Team:>​http://​skylark.ucl.ac.uk/NSHD/​doku.php?​id=introduction
 review=>​operation:​ LHA Review Data Access Request review=>​operation:​ LHA Review Data Access Request
 con1=>​condition:​ Access Request Approved? con1=>​condition:​ Access Request Approved?
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 derived=>​operation:​ Research Team Return Derived Variables Plus Code/​Documentation to LHA derived=>​operation:​ Research Team Return Derived Variables Plus Code/​Documentation to LHA
 ingest=>​operation:​ LHA Ingest Derived Data ingest=>​operation:​ LHA Ingest Derived Data
-form=>​inputoutput:​ NSHD Data Access Request Form|past:>​http://​kiwidev.mrceuston.local/howto/​doku.php?​id=nshd:​forms+form=>​inputoutput:​ NSHD Data Access Request Form|past:>​http://​skylark.ucl.ac.uk/NSHD/​doku.php?​id=nshd:​forms
 basket=>​inputoutput:​ Requested Basket of NSHD Variables|past basket=>​inputoutput:​ Requested Basket of NSHD Variables|past
 inforeq=>​inputoutput:​ Further Information Requested|past inforeq=>​inputoutput:​ Further Information Requested|past