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 [[:wiki:Home|{{wiki:MRC-LHA-header-graphic.png}}]] [[:wiki:Home|{{wiki:MRC-LHA-header-graphic.png}}]]
- +==== Flow Diagram for the Data Access Request Process ===== 
-===== Flow Diagram for the Data Access Request Process ===== +----
- +
 <flowchartjs default> <flowchartjs default>
 st=>start: Start of Data Sharing Process st=>start: Start of Data Sharing Process
Line 13: Line 11:
 con2=>condition: New Derived Variables Generated? con2=>condition: New Derived Variables Generated?
 signagreement=>operation: Research Team Sign/Return Data Sharing Agreement signagreement=>operation: Research Team Sign/Return Data Sharing Agreement
 +signinduction=>operation: Research Team Complete Data Security Induction
 signconfident=>operation: Research Team Sign/Return Confidentiality Forms signconfident=>operation: Research Team Sign/Return Confidentiality Forms
 adjustvars=>operation: NSHD Data Management create final basket of variables adjustvars=>operation: NSHD Data Management create final basket of variables
Line 20: Line 19:
 ingest=>operation: LHA Ingest Derived Data ingest=>operation: LHA Ingest Derived Data
 form=>inputoutput: NSHD Data Access Request Form|past:>http://kiwidev.mrceuston.local/howto/doku.php?id=nshd:forms form=>inputoutput: NSHD Data Access Request Form|past:>http://kiwidev.mrceuston.local/howto/doku.php?id=nshd:forms
-basket=>inputoutput: Basket of NSHD Variables|past+basket=>inputoutput: Requested Basket of NSHD Variables|past
 inforeq=>inputoutput: Further Information Requested|past inforeq=>inputoutput: Further Information Requested|past
 anondataset=>inputoutput: Anonymised Dataset|past anondataset=>inputoutput: Anonymised Dataset|past
Line 31: Line 30:
 con1(no)->inforeq con1(no)->inforeq
 inforeq(right)->rteam(right)->form inforeq(right)->rteam(right)->form
 basket->adjustvars->approvedvars basket->adjustvars->approvedvars
 approvedvars->repository->anondataset->analyse->ed approvedvars->repository->anondataset->analyse->ed
 </flowchartjs> </flowchartjs>
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