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New Users

In order to access NSHD data, a security induction must be completed. This is to ensure that recipients understand the principles of secure data management and are aware of current legislation in this area.

The induction consists of undertaking the NHS Data Security Awareness Level 1 e-learning course and successfully completing the accompanying assessment.

Users will need to register for an e-LfH learning account with their academic email address if they are not already registered.

Once the assessment has been passed, please send us a scanned copy of the completion certificate or a screen shot of your activity log or assessment score (see example below) to confirm this.

If you have already completed the Data Security Awareness training module (or an equivalent) in the past 12 months, please scan and send the certificate of completion.

 Example completed assessment form

Existing Users

All UCL researchers with continuing access to study data are required to undertake annual training in Information Governance. For UCL staff this can be arranged here.

Non-UCL staff who require continued access to NSHD datasets should also undertake similar training annually.

In addition you must be aware of and agree to the following restrictions that apply to NSHD data:

  1. You must only store NSHD data inside secure University/Organisation networks (with protected LANs, firewalls, file system ACLs etc).
  2. Specifically you must not:
    1. Take NSHD data home (or off to conferences etc.) on laptops or other portable devices
    2. Store on publicly accessible computers or file systems
    3. Store under other peoples' computer accounts
  3. NSHD data must not be communicated to or from the LHA using any unencrypted media
    1. Media includes laptops, portable hard drives, USB memory sticks, DVDs, mobile phones, etc. etc.
  4. Only tested encryption products may be used to transport NSHD data.
    1. We generally encode NSHD datasets using AES 256 bit encryption before we send it to you.
    2. If in any doubt contact the LHA 1)
  5. If any NSHD data is lost or is put in a situation where it may be disclosed to unauthorised people, you must immediately:
    1. Notify the LHA Director (Prof. Chaturvedi) and/or
    2. Notify the LHA Head of Data Services (Phil Curran)

Signing an NSHD Confidentiality Form indicates your acceptance of the above conditions. If you have any further questions, please contact us at LHA

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