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The MRC National Survey of Health and Development (NSHD) is the oldest and longest running of the British birth cohort studies having followed a sample of 5,362 men and women born in mainland Britain since their birth in one week in March, 1946. The NSHD has informed British health care, education and social policy since that time.

Today, with study members in their seventies, the NSHD offers a unique opportunity to explore the long-term biological and social processes of ageing and how ageing is affected by factors acting across the whole of life.

This site will provide access to the original questionnaires and detailed descriptions of the data collected. Links are provided to open access articles to enable you to see how others have used the data. An overview of how to apply to access the NSHD data, the proposal form and copies of our security policies and data sharing agreements are available to download.

The NSHD has been funded by the Medical Research Council since 1962.
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