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Approved Projects 2013-2016
N Principal applicant(s) Title Date approved
1 Gerda Pot    
2 Anne McMunn, Rebecca Lacey ERC funded 'Health effects of social change in gender, work & family using life course evidence from Great Britain (2012-12016).  
3 Margaret Kern and Libby Benson (Pennsylvania University) TADPHOLS The adolescent Positive Health Longitidinal Study Feb-13
4 Amanda Sacker, Yvonne Kelly, Meena Kumari, Noriko Cable, Mel Barley Breastfeeding and stress and inflammatory markers in adulthood Sep-13
5 Dr James Allison, Prof Wisia Wedzicha, Dr Gavin Donaldson (UCL/Centre for Respiratory Research, Royal Free Hospital). The associations of chronic bronchitis with lung function decline, subsequent diagnosis of COPD and related morbidities Oct-13
6 Teri Davies (PhD student), Dr Meena Kumari (UCL), Dr Caroline Dale (LSHTM), Prof Juan Pablo Casas (LSHTM), Prof Yoav Ben-Shlomo (Bristol), Dr Andy Wong (NSHD) A metabochip-wide association scan against measures of physical capability and disability Oct-13
7 Prof Gita Mishra, Prof Debra Anderson InterLACE: International collaboration for a Life course Approach to reproductive health and Chronic disease events Oct-13
8 Dr Darya Gaysina (Sussex), Prof Marcus Richards (LHA/UCL), Prof Peter Jones (Cambridge), Prof Gordon Harold (Sussex). Risk and resilience mechanisms for emotional and cognitive dysfunction across the life course: The role of early experiences and their interplay with genetic factors. Nov-13
9 Prof.dr. Harold Sneider, Prof.r Eco de Geus, Dr Illfa Nolte, Loretto Muñoz-Venegas (University Medical Center of Groningen, The Netherlands). Replication analysis for VgHRV meta-GWAS Nov-13
10 Professor Lynn Abrams (Glasgow) Liberation of the Female Self: Women’s Emancipation in Post-war Britain c.1945-1975. Dec-13
11 Mai Stafford (NSHD) and Jenny Head (UCL) Factors from across life which may contribute to extended working life Jan-14
12 Hakim-Moulay Dehbi (Imperial College, London) A multi-pollutant approach to investigate the association between long term exposure to air pollution and cardiovascular structure, function and event. Jan-14
13 Adele Warrilow (University of Glasgow) Development of a global neurodevelopmental risk score predictive of life adversity. Jan-14
14 Dr. Michael Daly, Prof. Liam Delaney, Mark Egan (University of Stirling) Childhood self-control and the emergence of health inequalities Feb-14
15 Prof. Kate Tilling, Andrew Smith (University of Bristol) Model selection of the effect of binary exposures over the life course Mar-14
16 Daniel K. Mroczek, Eileen K. Graham (Northwestern University, Chicago) Co-ordinated analysis of health behaviours as mediators of the personality-mortality association [part of IALSA] Mar-14
17 Rufus Cartwright, Andrew Walley, Marjo-Ritta Jarvelin Genome wide Association Study of Stress and Urge Urinary Incontinence in Women Mar-14
18 Rachel Cooper, Di Kuh, David Bann, Rebecca Hardy (MRC LHA Unit at UCL); Ciprian Crainiceanu, Vadim Zipunnikov, Jennifer Schrack (John Hopkins University); Tamara Harris (NIA) Lifetime correlates of levels and daily patterns of free-living activity in early old-age: maximising the use of the NSHD Actiheart data May-14
19 David Bann, Valerie Tikhonoff, William Johnson, Dorina Cadar (MRC LHA Unit at UCL) Metabolically healthy obesity in the MRC National Survey of Health and Development May-14
20 Owen Nicholas (UCL), Marcus Richards, Rebecca Hardy (MRC LHA Unit at UCL), Martin Shipley (UCL) Brain Age May-14
21 Prof. Majid Ezzati, Dr Mariachira Di Cseare, Bin Zhou (Imperial) Global Burden of Metaboloc Risk Factors of Chronic Diseases Jun-14
22 Diana Kuh, Rebecca Hardy, Rachel Cooper, Marcus Richards, Valerie Tickhonoff (MRC LHA Unit at UCL) NSHD Menopausal characteristiucs and lifetime cognitive function Jun-14
23 Andrea Piccinin, Cassandra Brown (University of Victoria, Canada) Relations of overweight and obesity to cognitive function across the lifespan Jul-14
24 Cognitive Capability Daniel Davis; Graciela Muniz Terrera; Marcus Richards; Diana Kuh (LHA) Jul-14
25 Nikhil Sharma; Rachel Cooper; Diana Kuh (LHA) The affect of BDNF polymorphism on motor performance from birth to 65. Jul-14
26 John Deanfield; Stefano Masi; Tauseef Khan (UCL) Request for aortic calcification and heart rate variability data – extension to existing data used by this group of scientists Jul-14
27 Kate Xu; Peter Jones (University of Cambridge); Marcus Richards (LHA). Parental Bonding instrument: psychometric evaluation of gender measurement invariance and relation to late midlife mental illness symtoms. Jul-14
28 Dr Shinsuke Koike (Visiting researcher at LHA); Marcus Richards, Rebecca Hardy (LHA) Mental Ageing. Jul-14
29 Penny Tinkler (University of Manchester); Anne McMunn (UCL) Moving from girlhood to adulthood: A spatially-oriented study of girls’ youth and transitions to adulthood in Britain 1954-76 and the implications for later-life wellbeing Aug-14
30 Professor Richard M. Aspden, Dr Jenny S Gregory, Dr Rebecca J Barr, Dr (University of Aberdeen), Prof Rebecca Hardy, Prof Diana Kuh (LHA), Prof Judith Adams (Manchester University) Active Shape modelling of hip morphology as an imaging biomarker for risk of musculoskeletal disease Aug-14
31 Prof. Sian Robinson, Prof Avan Aihie Sayer, Dr Holly Syddall, Leo Westbury (MRC Lifecourse Epidemiology Unit – University of Southampton) The relationship between lifelong diet quality and measured function in older age. Aug-14
32 Dr Ken Ong, Dr Cathy Elks, Dr Felix Day, Dr John Perry, Prof Nick Wareham (MRC Epidemiology Unit – University of Cambridge) Epigenetic markers of childhood growth and puberty timing. Aug-14
33 Laura Howe (University of Bristol); Mai Stafford (LHA), Rachel Cooper (LHA) Early life adversity and trajectories of cardiometabolic health, cognitive function and physical function: improving understanding of the mechanisms and potential reversibility Oct-14
34 Dr Alice Goisis, Professor Mikko Myrskylä (LSE) Costs and Gains to Postponement: How Changes in the Age of Parenthood Influence the Health and Well-being of Children, the Parents, and Populations Oct-14
35 Dr Shinsuke Koike, Prof Marcus Richards (LHA) Dopamine related genetic variants effect across physical and psychiatric diseases Nov-14
36 Sophie Moullin, Prof. Sara McLanahan (Princeton University) Mental health and social mobility over three generations Nov-14
37 Prof David IW Phillips, Prof Clive Osmond (University of Southampton), Prof Seif Shaheen (Barts and The London School of Medicine and Dentistry) Rheumatic heart disease and its antecedents during infancy Dec-14
38 Aradhna Kaushal, Prof Marcus Richards, Dr Dorina Cadar, Dr Mai Stafford (LHA) Lifetime influences of religious practices and beliefs on mental health Dec-14
39 Martina Vňuková (UCL), Dr Dorina Cadar (LHA), Prof. Andrew Steptoe (UCL) An investigation of heavy alcohol use and heavy smoking on cognitive impairment Dec-14
40 Andrew Simpkin, Laura Howe (University of Bristol) The epigenetic clock and its relationship with functional decline Jan-15
41 Dr Emma Baird (Lund University, Sweden/UCL), Dr Benedict Oppong Asamoah (Lund University, Sweden) Impact of psychosocial home environment in childhood on risk of adult obesity among members of the NSHD 1946 British birth cohort Jan-15
42 Dr Christopher Lane, Dr Thomas Parker (Dementia Research Centre) The MRC National Survey of Health and Development Neuroimaging sub-study Feb-15
43 Professor D. A. Lawlor (Bristol University), Qin Wang, Mika Ala-Kopela (University of Oulu) Menopausal status, hysterectomy and metabolic profiles Feb-15
44 Yi Zhang (MSc student, UCL), Dr Rebecca Bendayan (LHA) Sleep in childhood and its association with cognitive performance in later life Apr-15
45 Dr Mine ORLU GUL, Dr Sara Hanning, Dr Yucheng Sheng (UCL School of Pharmacy) Investigating the relationship between multiple medication usage and health condition through life May-15
46 Eileen K. Graham, Daniel K. Mroczek, Joh Ruhtson (Northwestern University) Long-Term trajectories of personality traits in studies of ageing Jul-15
47 Annie Britton, Steven Bell (UCL) Alcohol consumption across the life-course: Determinants and Health Consequences Jul-15
48 Rishi Caleyachetty, Mai Stafford, Rebecca Hardy (LHA) [Internal] Childhood cumulative social risk and precursors of cardiovascular disease in adult life Sep-15
49 Dr Elena Philippou (University of Nicosia, Cyprus), Dr Gerda Pot (King’s College, London) Investigation of the association between life course diet glycaemic index and cognitive function and the effects of glycaemic control and inflammation on cognitive function Sep-15
50 Emma Anderson, Laura Howe (University of Bristol (School of social and community medicine)) Associations of early life adversity and cardiovascular risk in adulthood Sep-15
51 Rebecca Bendayan, Marcus Richards, Diana Kuh (LHA) [Internal] Cognitive function and bone health Sep-15
52 Judith Delaney, Professor Richard Blundell, Professor Eric French (UCL) A cross cohort analysis of the returns to education Oct-15
53 Jugnoo S Rahi, Phillippa M Cumberland (UCL) CLOSER Work package 4 on Eyes and Vision Oct-15
54 Daniel Davis (LHA); Alex Tsui (Charing Cross Hospital/LHA) [Internal] Incident urinary incontinence in older women: childhood and reproductive life course influences Oct-15
55 Prof. Aroon Hingorani, Prof. Sir Mark Pepys FRS (UCL) Association of novel SAP gene variants with SAP expression and cognitive measures Nov-15
56 Dr James Allinson and Prof Wisia Wedzicha (Imperial College) The associations of chronic bronchitis with lung function decline, subsequent diagnosis of COPD and related co-morbidities. [Revised application to include genetic data (MUC5AC and inflammatory mediators associated with respiratory outcomes)]Nov-15
57 Mai Stafford (MRC LHA at UCL), Panos Demakakos (Epidemiology and Public Health, UCL) [Internal application] Parental bonding and mortality risk Nov-15
58 Muthuri, Stella; Kuh, Diana; Cooper, Rachel (MRC LHA at UCL) [Internal application] Chronic physical illness in early life and risk of chronic regional and widespread pain at age 68: evidence from the 1946 British birth cohort Nov-15
59 David Ferguson (UCL), Professor Kuh Director LHA & NHSD + other contributing LHA members, (MRC LHA at UCL), Research Department of Epidemiology and Public Health, University College London, London, UK [Internal application] Inflammatory markers IL-6, CRP & WCC, and vitamin D on bone phenotype in a longitudinal cohort Nov-15
60 Dr Jordana Bell (King’s College London), Prof. Alissa Goodman (NCDS), Prof. Rebecca Hardy, Prof. Diana Kuh (MRC LHA at UCL), Dr George Ploubidis, Dr Ana Valdes (Institute of Education, UCL), Dr Andrew Wong (MRC LHA at UCL) Epigenetic responses to social and environmental cues in early life and over the life course: impact on healthy ageing in UK population-based cohorts. Nov-15
61 Linda Ejlskov, Henrik Bøggild (Aalborg University, Denmark), Mai Stafford (MRC LHA at UCL) Adverse social relations across life and loneliness at age 68. Dec-15
62 Susana Bubach, Bernardo Lessa Horta (Federal University of Pelotas, Brazil) Early menarche and high blood pressure in adulthood: which’s the meta-analysis highlights? Dec-15
63 Stefano Masi (UCL), UCLEB Consortium Inflammatory pathways and cognition: a Mendelian randomisation project Jan-16
64 Henry Houlden (UCL & NHNN), Dr Nikhil Sharma (MRC LHA at UCL & NHNN) The association of c9orf72 repeat expansions with cognitive and motor performance in NSHD age 60-64 & 70 Jan-16
65 Laura Howe, Emma Anderson, Matthew Suderman Rebecca Lawn Caroline Relton, Andrew Simpkin (MRC Epidemiology Unit, Bristol), Rebecca Hardy, Diana Kuh (MRC LHA at UCL & NHNN) Early life adversity and the epigenetic clock Jan-16
66 Dr Nikhil Sharma, Diana Kuh, Marcus Richards, Rachel Cooper (MRC LHA at UCL & NHNN) To determine whether the structure of BA4a and BA4p age 69 relates to early motor performance Jan-16
67 Theodore D Cosco, Diana Kuh, Mai Stafford, Rachel Cooper (MRC LHA at UCL & NHNN) Resilience in Ageing Jan-16
68 Noriko Cable (UCL), Amanda Sacker (UCL) Overcrowding and health: Methodological Innovation for socioeconomic measures in longitudinal studies Feb-16
69 Chris Belfield (IFS), Laura van der Erve (IFS and University of Oxford) Harmonising earnings and income within and across studies Feb-16
70 John Grogan, Tom Gaunt (University of Bristol) Dopamine related polymorphisms in human memory and dementia Feb-16
71 Jon Tobias, Kim Hannam, April Hartley (University of Bristol) Describing habitual level of physical activity (PA) in older people in term of impact loads and how this relates to bone and other systems. Feb-16
72 David Stromberg, Peter Fredriksson, Nanna Fukushima (Stockholm University) The long-term effect of smoke pollution on health Feb-16
73 George B. Ploubidis, Praveetha Patalay (UCL), Marcus Richards (MRC LHA at UCL) Examining life course trajectories of psychological distress across the British cohorts. Mar-16
74 Dr Milagros Ruiz, Prof Meena Kumari, Prof Michaela Benzeval (ISER, Essex University) Exploiting the existing biomarker data available in CLOSER: social position, age and allostatic load Apr-16
75 Matthew Jay (MSc student UCL), Stella Muthri, Rebecca Bendayan (MRC LHA unit at UCL) Socioeconomic factors associated with chronic pain in older adults: a life course approach [Master student dissertation and Internal project] Apr-16
76 Charlotte Filmer (MSc student UCL), Stella Muthri, Rebecca Bendayan (MRC LHA unit at UCL) Smoking history and chronic pain later in life [Master student dissertation and Internal project]. Apr-16
77 Belinda Hewitt (University of Melbourne) Investigating cohort differences in health and wellbeing over the family life course Apr-16
78 Hannah Whittaker (MSc student UCL), Rebecca Bendayan, Mai Stafford (MRC LHA unit at UCL) Women’s sleep disturbances over the life course and self-rated health at age 68 [Master student dissertation and Internal project] Apr-16
79 Alex Ireland (MMU), Rebecca Cooper, Stella Muthri, Diana Kuh (MRC LHA unit at UCL) Associations of Early Life Motor Ability with Bone Strength in older age Apr-16
80 Darya Gaysina (University of Sussex), Marcus Richards (UCL) Andrew Wong (UCL), Jennifer Rusted (University of Sussex) The role of lipid metabolism DNA variants in emotional and cognitive health across the life course May-16
81 Richard Dodds (University of Southampton/LHA), Avan Aihie Sayer (Newcastle and Southampton University), Diana Kuh (MRC LHA Unit at UCL), Rachel Cooper (MRC LHA Unit at UCL) Predictors of incident disability from mid-life onwards: findings from a British birth cohort May-16
82 Peter Joshi (University of Edinburgh); Jim Wilson (University of Edinburgh); Tonu Esko, Krista Fischer (University of Tartu) LifeGen – GWAS of Parental Lifespan May-16
83 Dr Linda O’Keeffe (University of Bristol), Rebecca Hardy, Diana Kuh (MRC LHA Unit at UCL) Association of age at menopause and hysterectomy with cardiovascular risk factors and outcomes Jul-16
84 Marcus Richards (MRC LHA Unit at UCL), Stephani Hatch, Ioannis Bakolis (KCL Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology and Neuroscience), Emily Murray (UCL), Rebecca Hardy (MRC LHA Unit at UCL) The effect of area deprivation on mental health in the MRC National Survey of Health and Development Jul-16
85 Melanie Lacey, Dr Annie Britton, Dr Steven Bell, Dr Darragh O’Neill (Dept. of Epidemiology and Health at UCL) Alcohol consumption and metabolite markers of cardiovascular disease Aug-16
86 Dr Annie Britton, Dr Steven Bell, Dr Snehal Pinto Pereira (UCL) Alcohol consumption across the life-course: Determinants and Health Consequences. (extension to original application to include mammographic density and some more covariates). Aug-16
87 Dr Natalie Marchant, Marcus Richards, Robert Howard (UCL) Do Negative Thoughts Increase Risk of Dementia? A translational study of Cognitive Debt Sep-16
88 Gill Mein, (St George’s University of London, and Kingston University), Anthea Tinker (KCL), Robert Grant (SGUL), Catherine Welch (UCL) How does the method and venue of collecting health data influence continued participation in longitudinal studies of ageing? What is the cost and can emerging technologies help? Oct-16
89 Jon Tobias (University of Bristol), Ahmed Elhakeem (University of Bristol), Marcus Richards (MRC LHA at UCL) Accelerometer-based physical activity defined by vertical impacts and cognition at age 68 Oct-16
90 Dr Daniel Davis, Dr Alex Tsui, Diana Kuh, Marcus Richards (MRC LHA Unit at UCL) The impact of delirium on cognitive decline in a population sample [internal] Nov-16
91 Stella Muthuri, Diana Kuh, Rachel Cooper, (MRC LHA Unit at UCL) Physical capability and musculoskeletal ageing [internal] Nov-16
92 Stella Muthuri, Diana Kuh, Rachel Cooper, (MRC LHA Unit at UCL), Kate Ward (University of Southampton) Physical activity across adulthood and bone and muscle in older adults: the 1946 British birth cohort [internal] Nov-16
93 Steve Horvath (University of California, Los Angeles, USA) DNA methylation based measures of biological age Nov-16
94 Almar Kok, Martijn Huisman (VU University Medical Centre; Amsterdam, the Netherlands) Resilience in late adulthood: Characteristics of older adults who maintained good physical function despite socioeconomic adversity Nov-16
95 Melissa Bateson, Daniel Nettle (Institute of Neuroscience, Newcastle University) Smoking and telomere length: causation or selection? Nov-16
96 Dr Gerda Pot (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam), Mary Nicolaou (Academic Medical Centre, University of Amsterdam), Prof Marcus Richards (MRC Unit for Lifelong Health and Ageing at UCL) The role of a priori dietary indices in depression Dec-16
97 Mark Rawle, Diana Kuh, Marcus Richards (MRC LHA Unit at UCL) Changing Medications: The Determinants & Outcomes of Polypharmacy in a 1946 British Birth Cohort [internal] Dec-16
98 Mark Rawle, Andrew Wong, Daniel Davis, Marcus Richards (MRC LHA Unit at UCL) Apolipoprotein-E (APOE) ε4 and Associated Cognitive Decline over the Life-Course [internal] Dec-16
99 Kate Ward (MRC Lifecourse Epidemiology Unit) Diana Kuh, Rachel Cooper, Stella Muthuri (MRC LHA Unit at UCL) Muscle strength and physical performance across the life course and bone in early old-age: the 1946 British birth cohort [internal]. Dec-16
100 Fotios Drenos, Neil Davies (MRC IEU University of Bristol) Causal role of fatty acids metabolites in reading and spelling measures Jan-17
101 Dr Jose Bras, Dr Jon Schott, Prof Marcus Richards, Prof Nick Fox, Prof John Hardy, Prof Aroon Hingorani Insight 46 – Neurogenetics in the MRC National Survey of Health and Development Jan-17
102 Ahmed Elhakeem (University of Bristol School of Clinical Sciences) Rebecca Hardy (MRC LHA at UCL) Rachel Cooper (MRC LHA at UCL) Physical activity, sedentary time and cardiovascular disease biomarkers at age 60-64 Jan-17
103 Amber John, Darya Gaysina (University of Sussex), Prof Marcus Richards (MRC LHA at UCL), Jennifer Rusted (University of Sussex) Risk and Resilience Pathways between Affective Problems and Cognitive Ageing Jan-17
104 Alex Tsui, Daniel Davis, Marcus Richards, Diana Kuh (MRC LHA at UCL) The association between cortisol measurements at 60-64 and cognitive performance at 60-69 in a population sample [Internal] Jan-17
105 Alex Tsui, Daniel Davis, Marcus Richards, Diana Kuh (MRC LHA at UCL) The association between cortisol measures at 60-64 and reported episodes of delirium at 60-69 in a population sample [Internal] Jan-17
106 Lotte Houtepen, Laura Howe, Matthew Suderman, Caroline Relton, Kate Tilling (MRC Integrative Epidemiology Unit (University of Bristol), Rebecca Hardy, Jane Maddock (MRC LHA at UCL) Adverse childhood experiences (ACE): associations with DNA methylation Jan-17
107 Celia O’Hare, Rebecca Hardy, Diana Kuh (MRC LHA at UCL) Early Life Influences on Life Course Trajectories of Resting Heart Rate [Internal] Jan-17
108 Prof. Jon Tobias, Dr Kim Hannam, April Hartley, Ahmed Alkaheem (Univesity of Bristol) Describing habitual levels of physical activity (PA) in older people in terms of impact loads how this relates to bone and other systems. [Extension to approved project to include cognitive function and knee pain] Jan-17
109 Emma Butcher, Rachel Knowles, Carol Dezateux (Institute of Child Health, UCL, London) A life course perspective on permanent childhood hearing impairment: incidence, predictors and outcomes Feb-17
110 Dr Fiona Saunders, Dr Jenny Gregory (University of Aberdeen) Dr Rachel Cooper, Dr Stella Muthuri (MRC LHA at UCL) Isabella Faliszewski, Sylvia Wilkinson (University of Aberdeen) Radiographic osteoarthritis and bone shape in a birth cohort Feb-17
111 Anitha George, Dr Wulan Wulaningsih, Professor Rebecca Hardy (MRC LHA at UCL) Socioeconomic status and vascular structure and function [Masters’ student] Feb-17
112 Yixiao Cao, Dr Wulan Wulaningsih, Professor Rebecca Hardy (MRC LHA at UCL) Lifelong Body Size and Unintentional Weight Loss in Early Old Age: A Prospective Cohort Study [Masters’ student] Feb-17
113 Dr Atsushi Nishida et al (Tokyo Metropolitan Institute of Medical Science, Tokyo, Japan) Professor Marcus Richards, Dr Mai Stafford (MRC LHA at UCL) Interaction between self-regulation and personality (or value internalization) in adolescence for the future mental and well-being Feb-17
114 Kiren Afrasiab, Dr Jane Maddock, Dr Wulan Wulaningsih, (MRC LHA at UCL) Examining associations between mental health and eating behaviours in the MRC National Survey of Health and Development (1946 British birth cohort) [Masters’ student] Feb-17
115 Shamaila Muzammil, Dr Jane Maddock, Dr Wulan Wulaningsih, (MRC LHA at UCL) Lifelong eating behaviour and obesity-related FTO genetic variation [Masters’ student] Feb-17
116 Chester Page MSc Health Psychology UCL, Frances Harkness and Dr Theodore Cosco (MRC LHA at UCL), (MRC LHA at UCL) Life course explanation for gender inequalities in sense of control: Findings from the NSHD British birth cohort study [Masters’ student] Mar-17
117 Geeske Peeters (Global Brain Health Institute, University of California San Francisco and Trinity College Dublin), Rachel Cooper (MRC LHA at UCL), Natasja van Schoor (Amsterdam Public Health Research institute, Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics, VU University Medical Center), Leigh Tooth (The University of Queensland), Rose Anne Kenny (Mercer’s Institute for Successful Ageing, St James’s Hospital, Dublin, Ireland; The Irish Longitudinal Study on Ageing, Trinity College Dublin)The STEP consortium – Strategies for Early Prevention of falls in middle-aged adults Mar-17
118 Prof Nish Chaturvedi, Prof Alun Hughes, Dr Chloe Park (UCL) Associations between left ventricular dysfunction and cognitive decline Mar-17
119 Dr Will Johnson (Loughborough University) Prof Rebecca Hardy (MRC LHA at UCL) Rapid infant weight gain and adolescent BMI/obesity in the NSHD and MCS Mar-17
120 Prof Marcus Richards, Prof Rebecca Hardy, Dr Celia O’Hare, Dr Dan Davis and Dr Nik Sharma (MRC LHA at UCL) Arterial stiffness, atherosclerosis, and cognitive function [Internal] Mar-17
121 Dr Petra Proitsi (LHA) Dr Andy Wong (LHA) Professor Marcus Richards (LHA) Professor Diana Kuh (LHA) Professor Aroon Hingorani (UCL) Dr Fotios Drenos (Bristol/UCL) Association of blood metabolites with cognition using observational and Mendelian Randomization analysis [Internal] Mar-17
122 Dr Petra Proitsi (LHA) Dr Andy Wong (LHA) Professor Marcus Richards (LHA) Professor Diana Kuh (LHA) Professor Aroon Hingorani (UCL) Association of midlife blood metabolites with β-amyloid deposition and serial MRI biomarkers [Internal] Mar-17
123 Luke Chaplin, Prof. Timothy Cootes, Prof. Judith Adams (University of Manchester) Automated Analysis of Abdominal Aortic Calcification in DXA Images Apr-17
124 Christopher Lane, Jonathan Schott (Supervisor), Jennifer Nicholas, Josephine Barnes (Dementia Research Centre, Institute of Neurology, UCL) . Life course vascular influences on white matter and β-amyloid pathology in Insight 46, a sub-study of the National Survey of Health and Development (NSHD) British birth cohort Apr-17
125 Man Kate Xu, Gabriela Koppenol-Gonzalez Marin (Erasmus University), Marcus Richards (MRC LHA unit at UCL) The effect of consistency and profile of parenting styles in relation to mental health outcomes Apr-17
126 Dr James Allinson, Prof Wisia Wedzicha, Dr Gavin Donaldson (COPD Research Group at Imperial College, London) The associations of chronic bronchitis with lung function decline, subsequent diagnosis of COPD and related co-morbidities (amendment to ‘Ageing Lung’ project approved in Nov 2015) May-17
127 Joanna Blodgett, Dr Rachel Cooper, Prof Diana Kuh, Dr Daniel Davis (MRC LHA unit at UCL) Early and mid-life predictors of balance across the life course [Internal - PhD student]. May-17
128 Alex Federman, Juan Wisnivesky (Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, NY) Rebecca Bendayan (MRC LHA unit at UCL) A life course study on cognitive and lung function change: Asthma and COPD May-17
129 Dr Elizabeth Thomas (MRC LHA unit at UCL/North Central Thames Foundation School), Dr Rachel Cooper, Prof Diana Kuh, Joanna Blodgett (MRC LHA unit at UCL) Does the metabolic syndrome, or any of its constituent measures, in middle age increase the risk of developing frailty by the age of 69? [Internal] May-17
130 Majid Ezzati, Bin Zhou, Bin Zhou, Honor Bixby (Imperial College) NCD Risk Factor Collaboration (NCD-RisC) (amendment to existing project [Global Burden of Metabolic Risk Factors of Chronic Diseases] approved in June 2014) Jun-17
131 Dr Mark James Rawle, Prof Marcus Richards, Dr Rachel Cooper\\
Prof Diana Kuh (MRC LHA unit at UCL)
Outcomes of Polypharmacy: A British Birth Cohort Study [Internal]. Jun-17
132 Dr Mai Stafford, Prof Diana Kuh (MRC LHA unit at UCL) Receiving informal and formal care; life time determinants of expectations [Internal] Jun-17
133 Paul Yousefi, Matthew Suderman, Gerard van den Berg, Caroline Relton (University of Bristol) Impact of economic conditions in year of birth on DNA methylation age acceleration Jun-17
134 Fiona Saunders, Jenny Gregory, Richard Aspden, Kathryn Martin, Rebecca Barr, Anastasia Pavlova, (University of Aberdeen) Diana Kuh, Stella Muthuri, Rachel Cooper, Rebecca Hardy (MRC LHA unit at UCL) Associations between bone shape, hormonal factors and musculoskeletal diseases Jun-17
135 Dr. Thomas Drake, Mr. Ewen Harrison, Dr. Riinu Ots (University of Edinburgh/NHS Lothian) Unravelling environmental and genetic drivers of gallstone disease and long-term associations Jul-17
136 Tanuj Puri (University of Oxford), Glen Blake, Sally Barrington (King’s College London) Best method to correct Standardised Uptake Value by normalization to Lean Body Mass Jul-17
137 Celia O’Hare, Rebecca Hardy, Marcus Richards, Diana Kuh (MRC LHA Unit at UCL) Childhood Resting Heart Rate and Life Course Affective Symptoms [Internal] Jul-17
138 Mai Stafford, Rebecca Hardy (MRC LHA Unit at UCL), ESRC/BBSRC Soc-B PhD student to be identified (Dept. Epidemiology and Public Health, UCL) Lung function and later life participation in paid work [Internal] Jul-17
139 Mai Stafford, Marcus Richards (MRC LHA Unit at UCL), ESRC/BBSRC Soc-B PhD student to be identified (Dept. Epidemiology and Public Health, UCL) Early retirement and cognitive function in later life [Internal] Jul-17
140 Rebecca Hardy (MRC LHA Unit at UCL), ESRC/BBSRC Soc-B PhD student to be identified (Dept. Epidemiology and Public Health, UCL) Lung function and later life participation in paid work [Internal] Jul-17