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Obtaining the standard biological sample, DNA or structural assessment variables

  • As these tests and assessments provide a huge number of independent and related measures, it has not been possible to select standard baskets.
  • If you are interested in these data many variables are available on Skylark, so an appropriate keyword search [based on the measure(s) you are interested in] on Skylark should give the results you need.
  • For example, search for 'LDL' or 'cholesterol' for the relevant samples, or 'DXA' will give you all the DEXA measures collected at age 60-64.
  • You can then email the XML of your saved basket to us in support of your application.

However, please note that a large proportion of these data are not available on Skylark due to their size or nature, for example DNA, activity data and other 'specialist' assessments and scans. Please contact us if your research may require access to the specialist datasets.

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