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 [[:wiki:Home|{{:MRC-LHA-header-graphic.png}}]] [[:wiki:Home|{{:MRC-LHA-header-graphic.png}}]]
 ==== Biological Samples, DNA and Structural Assessments ====  ==== Biological Samples, DNA and Structural Assessments ==== 
 + Biological samples were collected for the first time at age 53; blood samples were used to measure indicators of risk factors for cardiovascular disease and nutritional markers.The samples also include a blood sample and a cheek swab from which DNA was extracted. A further sample was taken and stored for future cell line cultures. 
 + An intensive clinic data collection at age 60-64 years allowed the collection of new data on cardiac and vascular structure and function, bone and body composition, and biomarkers based on blood, urine and saliva samples, in addition to the functional measures, and health and lifestyle information that has previously been collected. 
 +LHA’s strategic plan 2008-13 identified the need for a NSHD DNA repository to support genetic studies of human health, disease and ageing that make the best use of the available genetics resources, and the well characterised phenotypic resources. LHA obtained approval from the Central Manchester Research Ethics Committee for genetic studies of lifelong health, disease and ageing, with amendments to include Genome Wide Association Studies (GWAS), epigenomic studies and epigenome wide studies being subsequently approved.  
 +At 68-70 years non fasting blood samples were collected at a home visit by research nurses, with a number of biomarkers being measured. 
   * [[mrepo:topics:biologicalsamples|Biological Samples]]   * [[mrepo:topics:biologicalsamples|Biological Samples]]
   * [[mrepo:topics:DNA|DNA]]   * [[mrepo:topics:DNA|DNA]]
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