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Standard topic baskets

(this feature is still in development)

At the bottom of topic pages you may find a link to a 'standard topic basket'. This is a pre-selected basket of variables on that topic that you can view the metadata and download the XML file of, without having to log onto Skylark to manually create, edit and save your basket of variables.

For example, if you were interested in birth weight and childhood eating you could just select the 'Anthropometry' and 'Childhood Diet' standard baskets, and if you are happy with the contents, when you fill in the data access application form and it asks which variables you need, just write “Anthropometry and Childhood Diet standard baskets”.

However, please note that the standard baskets are not an exhaustive list of everything we hold on a topic, or necessarily contain the variables that are best for you.
They have been chosen based on previous usage and popularity.

To explore all the variables the NSHD has to offer, you must use Skylark.

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