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This table contains variables related to Diabetes and other topics broken down by year. You can find out more about these variables in Skylark.

Diagnosed with diabetes DIAB82 DIAB89 DIAB, DDOCTOLD, endo99, DIABEC, DIABTY, DIABREDIAB09, DDIAB09
Use of diabetes pills PDIAB89 b06199a DIABT09
Use of insulin DIABI09
Serum total cholesterol CHOL99n CHOLESTR09
Serum LDL cholesterol LDL99N LDL09
Serum HDL cholesterol HDL99N HDL09
Serum tryglicerid TRIG99N TRIGLYCE09
Use of cholesterol lowering drugs
Systolic blood pressure, 1st SBP182 SBP189 SBP991 sbp109
Systolic blood pressure, 2nd SBP282 SBP289 SBP992 sbp209
Systolic blood pressure, final SBP82 SBP89 SBP99 sbp09
Diastolic blood pressure, 1st DBP182 DBP189 DBP991 dbp109
Diastolic blood pressure, 2nd DBP282 DBP289 DBP992 dbp209
Diastolic blood pressure, final DBP82 DBP89 DBP99 dbp09
Diagnosed with hypertension HIB89 BPPROBS, WHTBP1 DHIB09
Use of antihypertensive drugs TREAT22 PHIB89 B02299A, B02499A NMEDBP09a, PMEDBP09aP
Smoking status cigsta82c cigsta89c cigsta99c cigsta09c
Cigarettes smoked per day cigno82 cigno89 cigno99 SMOD09
Stroke search keyword=stroke in Skylark selfstr09
Angina Browse library: angina82, angina89, angina99 DANG09
Heart attack search keyword=heart in Skylark DHARA09, DHARAN09
Other heart trouble HART09, HRTRB09